Beaver Runs Bangor 2021!

Virtual Run* to Raise Funds for Rehoming Retired Alaskan Sled Dogs

Beaver, a retired Alaskan sled dog from outside of Fairbanks, Alaska got loose at the airport during transport to her new home in Maine. From Feb 21 through March 15th, Beaver was running the streets of Bangor. Over time, she developed some favorite travel routes. We have mapped those out for you, and after doing some mileage estimates, we think Beaver was running about 18-22 miles per day....and the people of Bangor logged a lot of miles on foot as they helped look for Beaver day and night!

Beaver has been found now, but to honor her and the town of Bangor, this event will see how many miles you can log in 22 days (which is how long Beaver Ran Bangor). Beaver chose to run a lot of miles at night in the coldest (down to -16F) weather when few people were out. You can run* or walk* your miles day or night.
Beaver invites the communities of Bangor to set up their own teams for this event. It's always more fun training together as a pack of friends.

The virtual event runs 22 days, from Thu Apr 1 through Thu Apr 22, 2021 - which is how long Beaver Ran Bangor. Run* when, where, how far and how often you choose. You can apply any of your runs to a team that you choose. You can run for more than one team, but an individual run can only apply to one team. For scoring, a team must have entries from at least three different people. Distances are on the honor system, since sled dogs always tell the truth and only rarely exaggerate about the fast furry critter that got away!

* - You can interpret 'run' to mean: run, walk, bike, paddle, dog sled, canicross, bikejoring, skiing, etc. Choose your activity type when you enter your mileage.

If you registered for one of's running events earlier this year, can participate in this event too (if you'd like a shirt, email Black Bear). If you weren't registered, then registration is $30 and includes a custom shirt designed to honor Beaver and Bangor. All proceeds go toward rehoming these wonderful, talented and loveable dogs when they retire. Donations for the sled dogs are always appreciated, but not required for these events. Or checkout one of Black Bear's books.
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